Homeopathy around the world

Homeopathy around the world

Homeopathy in Austria

Homeopathy came to Austria in 1818 with Prof. S. Veith, a veterinarian, in Bohemia.  After successes with the 1831 cholera epidemic, practice was legalized in 1837.

Homeopathy in Brazil

In about 1810, Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva, a politician and a student of natural science and mineralogy, knew about homeopathy through an exchange of letters with Hahnemann.

Dr. Antonio Ferreira Franca used homeopathy in Bahia in 1818. In 1837, Dr. Duque Estrada learned homeopathy from a student, Frederick Emilius Jahn, who had come from Leipzig to study in Brazil.

The formal impetus to establish homeopathy in Brazil came from Benoit Mure, a Frenchman, who came to Brazil on business in 1840. With Vincent Jose Martins (from Lisbon) they founded the Homeopathic Institute of Brazil in 1843.

Homeopathy in Argentina

The “liberator of Argentina,” General San Martin, arrived from Spain in 1812. He carried a homeopathic medicine chest, now in the Museo Sanmartiniano de Mendoza. The first Argentine physician homeopath was Dr Guillermo Darrouzsin, in the mid 1880s. The Boletín Homeopático was the Argentine Hahnemannian Society magazine, from 1865 to 1875.
During the 1870 yellow fever epidemic, Dr Pierre Petit de Murat treated hundreds of people with homeopathy.

In Argentina, the homoeopathic remedies are duly accepted by the Ministry of Public Health and the pharmacies and the laboratories prepare and sell with any freedom their medicines under the same controls as those on general remedies.

Homeopathy in Chile

Homeopathy was first used in Chile in 1817 when General San Martin, the “liberator of Argentina,” crossed the Andes with his homeopathic medicine chest. In 1848, Augusto Gusmao brought homeopathy into the country from Brazil.

Homeopathy in Hungary

Joseph Mueller learned homeopathy from reading and came to Budapest in 1818. He was followed by George Forgo in 1820 and Joseph Bakody in 1831

Homeopathy in Denmark

Homeopathy was brought to Denmark by Hans Christian Lund, a pupil of Hahnemann, in 1821.

Homeopathic medicines could be prescribed only by medical doctors from 1936 until 1976, when homeopathy was re-established as an “alternative” practice.

Homeopathy in Italy

Dr. Necker, from Austria, settled in Naples and began practicing homeopathy in 1821. He converted Drs. Romani, Mauro, and deHoratiis.

Homeopathy in USA

Hans Burch Gram, America’s first homeopath, emigrates from Copenhagen to the United States.

Homeopathy in Russia

Homeopathy was introduced in 1823 by laymen. Shortly after, Dr. Adam (a prover of Carbo-v), who had studied with Hahnemann in Germany, began practice in St. Petersburg. Dr. Bigel was practicing in St. Petersburg in 1827, and then removed to Warsaw.

In 1992 homeopathy was officially allowed as a treatment method and clinical homeopathy was being taught for medical students of allopathic schools.

Homeopathy in England

Homoeopathy was first established in England in the year 1832 when Dr. Harvey Quin, a friend of Hahnemann, and called by Rochard Haehl ‘Hahnemann’s chief successor’, set up a practice in London.

Homeopathy in Switzerland

Homeopathy developed “hand-in-hand with Germany.” Dr. Franz Josef Siegrist was practicing in Basel in 1827. Pierre Dufresne began practicing in Geneva in 1831. In 1832 Charles Caspard Peschier, a pupil of Hahnemann and des Guidi began practice in Geneva.

Homeopathy in Spain

A layman named Zuarte, a merchant of Cadiz, met Necker in Italy. He visited Hahnemann, and then des Guidi. He began practicing in 1829.

The Government recognizes homeopathic pharmacy, and the Spanish Medical Council supports homeopathy, provided it is practiced by physicians. The remedies are sold only in pharmacies.

Homeopathy in Poland

A Dr. Mylo was in Warsaw in 1829. Dr. Bigel, of Warsaw, corresponded with Hahnemann in 1832.

Homeopathy in Belgium

The first homeopath was Dr. Pierre Joseph de Moor who began practice at Alost in 1829. In 1832, Dr. Varlez and Dr. Carlier brought homeopathy to Brussels.

Homeopathy in France

Homeopathy preceded Hahnemann’s arrival in 1835. Count des Guidi, the Inspector of the University of Lyon, was visiting Italy and had his wife treated by de Romani and Horatiis. He then went to Kothen, staying some time with Hahnemann, and returned to Lyon in October 1830. That year, aged 61, des Guidi began practicing homeopathy.

Homeopathy in Sweden

Professor George Wahlenberg of Uppsala did not practice but knew Stapf in Germany. He discussed homeopathy with several others, including Peter Jacob Leidbeck of Stockholm who began practice and visited Hahnemann in 1832.

Homeopathy in Netherlands

The first homeopathic doctors were Johan Schonfield in Winshoten and a Dr. Schmid in Schiedam in 1834 .

Homeopathy in Portugal

In 1836, Dr. Florencio Galvao “taught his pupils discreetly.” The first free clinic opened in 1852.

Homeopathy in Colombia

Homeopathy was introduced to Colombia in 1837. The Instituto Homeopatico de Colombia was established in 1865

Homeopathy in Ireland

Homeopathy was first introduced to Ireland by Dr. Charles W. Luther in 1839. Dr. William Walter was instructing Dr. Joseph Kidd in Dublin in 1842.

Homeopathy in India

Dr. John Martin Honigberger, from Transylvania, came to India in 1829. As an allopath, he treated Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Punjab. In 1834 he returned to Europe and made the acquaintance of Hahnemann. In 1837 he was practicing in Constantinople, but received word that the Maharaja wished him to return. He returned to India in 1839 and introduced homeopathy.

Homeopathy in Ontario

It is not clear who was the first practitioner in Canada. It is known that in 1842, James Lillie, a pupil of Federal Vandenburgh, settled in Toronto and began practicing homeopathy. Dr. Joseph J. Lancaster, who had studied in New York began practicing sometime in the 1840s in Ontario. He later attended the Homeopathic Medical College in Philadelphia and graduated in 1857.

Homeopathy in Quebec

Arthur Fisher began practicing homeopathy as soon as he obtained the right of medical practice in 1842, but he never publicly declared his homeopathic practice

Homeopathy in Uruguay

Dr. Juan Christiano Korth, who received his diploma in 1847 from Rio de Janeiro set up practice in that year in Montevideo.

Homeopathy in New Zealand

Although it is likely that immigrants from England brought homeopathy with them, the first homeopath recorded in New Zealand was William Purdie, MD, a graduate of Glasgow, who arrived in December 1849, and settled in Dunedin.

Homeopathy in Mexico

Homeopathy was introduced in 1850 by Dr. P. Rafael Navarrete from Havana. In 1852 Salvador Riera, from Cuba, brought homeopathy to the Yucatan peninsula. In 1853 Dr. Ramon Comellas came from Spain

Homeopathy in Australia

Mr. Thienette de Bérigny, a layman (he was referred to as Dr. Bergny in NZ in 1855), is credited as the first to introduce homeopathy in Victoria in 1850, although some say it was Dr. John Hickson in Melbourne.

Homeopathy in Egypt

Dr Benoit Mure was the first homeopath in Egypt and the Sudan in 1851. There were also French homeopaths in the Mahgreb regions.

Homeopathy in Bulgaria

Homeopathy was brought to Bulgaria by Georgy Mirkovich, MD. Born in a small Bulgarian village in 1828.

From 1944 to 1989 homeopathy was strictly prohibited and practitioners prosecuted. Systematic training according to ICCH standards was begun in 1993, in cooperation with the London College of Classical Homeopathy.

Homeopathy in the Czech Republic

Until World War II only some German doctors practiced homeopathy on Czech territory. Dr. Quin, founder of British homeopathy, practiced a short time in Tisnov, a small town. A Catholic homeopathic hospital existed at Kromeriz since 1860. During the communist era of 1948-89 homeopathy was prohibited.

Homeopathy is recognized by law and it is legal for both MDs and professionals to practice, but non-MDs cannot give a remedy directly, they can only recommend to buy and take.

Homeopathy in Slovakia

In 1993, Czechoslovakia was peacefully divided into two sovereign states- the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Homeopaths in both countries have open communication and share translated books. Homeopathy has been used since the 19th Century when Czechs and Slovaks were part of Austrian monarchy under Habsburgs.

After World War I, Czechoslovakia was formed and homeopathy continued. After 1948 when the communists gained power, homeopathy was declared bourgeois quasi-science and homeopaths were persecuted. The last original homeopath in Slovakia died in the 1960s. After the 1989 “Velvet Revolution” when socialism fell, homeopathy was revived.

Homeopathy in Venezuela

The first person to use homeopathy in Venezuela was Dr. Manuel Porras in 1860. In 1880, Dr. Fernando de la Ville founded the first school that taught homeopathy. A year later, the government recognized the practice of homeopathy, but homeopathy never grew much after that.

Homeopathy in the Ukraine

Development of homeopathy in the Ukraine is closely related with the spread of homeopathy in Russia. Homeopathy was under the patronage of Grand Dukes Konstantin Pavlovich and Michail Pavlovich, Emperor Nikolas I, his daughter Olga Nikolaevna, Queen of Wurtemberg.

Homeopathy in Turkey

John Arschagouni, MD (HMC 1891) was listed as being in Constantinople in the 1911 Directory. There may have been another homeopath there in 1875.

Homeopathy in Myanmar (Burma)

Clara Lawrence-Davenport, who graduated from Boston in 1888. Roy Ogden, a lay homeopath in the UK in the 1940s and 1950s, says he first learned homeopathy from a missionary when in Burma during World War II. The present status is unknown.

Homeopathy in Finland

Homeopathy was first mentioned in Finland in 1888 by A. Pfaler in a history of Finnish healing practices.

Homeopathy in Costa Rica

A layman introduced homeopathy in 1889. Homeopathy received official sanction in 1929, and further official recognition in 1987.

Homeopathy in Greece

In the late 1800s there was Dr. J Picramenos, about who little is known. There was no mention of Greece other than the existence of one doctor being listed in the 1931 Directory. The first Organon to be translated into Greek appeared in 1989. George Vithoulkas has a training clinic for MDs in Athens.

Homeopathy in Norway

The pioneers in homeopathy were active in Norway at the end of the last century. One was O. M. Ohm (1848-1928) who, in 1892, published a small book; Practical Homeopathy For Everyone. Another pioneer was N. W. Anderschou who practiced in Oslo and, persecuted by the allopaths, moved to London.

Homeopathy in the United Arab Emirates

Marian Wells Thoms, from “Arabia” who graduated Ann Arbor in 1898. Homeopathy is well-recognized by the Federal Ministry of Health in the UAE. Homeopathic Medicines are registered by the Drug Regulation Department, MOH, UAE.

Homeopathy in Israel

Dr. Jarus had arrived in Israel from Germany in 1901, settling first in the north Rosh Pina and then in Tel-Aviv where he opened a clinic.

Homeopathy in Iceland

Arthur Charles Gook (1883-1959) and his wife, Florence Ethel Gook, were the first formally-trained homeopaths in Iceland, although there were quite a few “self-educated” people using the system.

Homeopathy in China

Dr. Emma J. Betow (Louisville, 1904) running a hospital in Shanghai. She commented, “The Chinese like homeopathy wherever it has been carried.”

Homeopathy in Japan

1911 Directory listed two homeopaths: Dr. Mary A. Suganuma (Cleveland 1883) in Nagasaki, and Herbert W. Schwartz, MD in Yokohama.

Homeopathy in Barbados

In 1931 there was one doctor and one chemist. King lists 11 graduates from the “West Indies” who studied at US schools between 1850 and 1905.

Homeopathy in Honduras

There was one homeopathic chemist in 1931. At present, there are a number of independent practitioners using homeopathy in Honduras, although there is no official recognition of the practice.

Homeopathy in Romania

Honigberger, who took homeopathy to India was Romanian, and Hahnemann spent some of his early years in Sibu/Hermanstadt.

Homeopathy in Pakistan

The advent of homeopathy in Pakistan is practically the same as in India because India and Pakistan were a single country until 1947.

For 18 years after the creation of Pakistan, homeopathy was practiced widely but remained officially unrecognized. In 1965, the Government passed an act under which homeopathy and the indigenous herbal systems of medicine were regulated. Homeopaths wishing to continue their practice were assessed by a Government nominated Board of Senior homeopaths. n

Homeopathy in Ghana

Prince F. Hayford introduces homeopathy in the late 1960s; no further information is available

Homeopathy in Malaysia

Homeopathy came to Malaysia during World War II, brought by the Indians through the British Army.

The first Malay introduced to homeopathy was Dr Burhanuddin Al Hilmi in the mid-1950s. Among the oldest practitioners is Dr. Mohamed Yaakob, who is in Johore Bahru.

Homeopathy in Nigeria

The All-Nigeria Homeopathic Medical Association was founded in 1961, shortly after the country gained its independence.

The first practitioner, I. Okogeri, MD, the King of the Afikpo kingdom, began practice in 1962. He was trained in London.

Homeopathy in Tunisia

A society of alternative medicine was founded in 1982 and it taught homeopathy through a series of seminars, mostly to medical doctors, dentists, and veterinarians.

Homeopathy in Singapore

The Singapore Government recognizes homeopathy as an alternative medical practice. There is no legislation controlling alternative medicine directly or registering practitioners. Practitioners are expected to keep within their area of practice, otherwise, they would be contravening the Medical Registration Act.

Some homeopathic practitioners are registered under this body and hence are issued Certificate of Registration and Certification of Membership. They can use “RPHAS” after their name. There are about 20 such homeopaths in Singapore.

Homeopathy in Croatia

Until the war in 1991, the only homeopathy practiced was anthroposophic in its direction. It was strongly influenced by Dr. Klara Zupic Dajceva, who learned Rudolf Steiner’s methods from Steiner himself. After the war she began to teach homeopathy to medical students in Zagreb who were also interested in anthroposophy.

Source: http://www.wholehealthnow.com/homeopathy_pro/homeopathy_1755_1799.html


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  1. please give the details for registration for homoeopathic practice in singapore and dubai u a e.

    • Dear Dr.Reddy,
      UAE Government approved practice of Homoeopathy in the country through a qualifying examination is held by MOH. For further details visit website “www.moh.gov.ae ”.
      The Singapore Government recognizes homeopathy as an alternative medical practice. There is no legislation controlling alternative medicine directly or registering practitioners.
      The Registered Professional Homoeopathy Association, Singapore (RPHAS) was founded in 1992, and has approval from two prominent Government foundations, The Registry of Societies and the Ministry of Health.

  2. The quote by Gandhi “Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond all doubt safer, more economical and the most complete medical science” is essential to write on every homeopathy website – What we do well is helping people towards health. We do it every day in our homeopathy practice but still nobody really knows about it. Therefore, each and every one of us probably needs to be more involved in homeopathy research, literature review, data collection, auditing and higher education. Lets document our success!

    • A very good suggestion. I will upload the quotes of Gandhi and other famous personalities very soon.

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