Guideline for Medicine Consuming & Handling

Medicine Consuming 

Place the medicine directly on your tongue and keep it there for few seconds before you swallow.

In acute emergencies place the medicine under the tongue (Sublingually).

Don’t consume any food stuff, beverages, tea etc. immediately before or after your medicine. At least keep one hour gap between medicine and food. You can drink plain water after 10 minutes  of your medicine.

Consume your medicine according to the direction of your homoeopathic physician.

Don’t try to alter the time, repetition, and quantity of the medicine.

Don’t use any ointments, or any other medicines (even some other Homoeopathic medicine) along with your Homoeopathic medicine.

Medicine Handling

Don’t touch the medicine or tip of the nostrils of your medicine bottle.

Don’t keep your homoeopathic medicine over a TV, radio or any other electronic equipment having strong magnets.

Keep away the medicine from sunlight, extreme heat or cold, strong smelling substances like perfumes, cosmetics, etc,

Don’t refrigerate the medicine.


4 comments on “Guideline for Medicine Consuming & Handling

  1. i want to talk to you sir, my no is 9990612176, i have tried to see ur no but it was not given on your website

  2. Dr. Shailendra Kumar


    Taking any food or drinks is being avoided before and after intake of HOMOEO Medicine is a trend and also guidance of master, But experience shows that it doesn’t matter as we are giving the medicine to our pets or cattle in eatables like Roti/bread. moreover they do not was the mouth before taking the medicine. I practically smelt the mouth of those, it smells horrible and then also medicine is working. I read the notes of Dr. R Shankaran he have the experience of giving the medicine in coffee.

    Yudhveer Singh (Homoeo fan)

    • You are correct Mr.Yudhveer. But If you expect 100% action from the prescribed medicine, then definitely you must follow those guidelines. (This is my 20 yrs experience)

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