Bone Arnica, Sulp.ac, Symp,
Nerves Hyperic, Phos.
Periosteum Ruta.
Glands Conium, Arnica, Dulc, Iod, Phos, Sil, Sul.ac
Soft parts Arnica, Conium.
Tendons Anacard.
Head Arnica, Nat.sulp, Cicuta, Nat.mur
Eye Symph, Arnic, Euph, Ledum, Staph.
Breast Bellis.Per, Conium.
Spine Hyperic, Nat.sulp.
Coccyx Hyper, Silic.
Bruises & Contusions. Arnica, Conium, Hamam, Hyper, Rhus tox, Ruta, Symph
Sprains & Strains Acon, Arnica, Bellis.p, Calc, Carb.an, Hyper, Rhus tox, Ruta, Symphyt.
Shock from injury. Acon, Arnica, Cammph, Hyper, Lach, Opium, Verat
Lock Jaw Bell, Cicuta, Hyper, Nux.vom, Opium, Strych.
Asphyxia Ant.tart, Camph, Carb.s, Chlorum, Colch, Opium.
Asphyxia neonatorum Ant.tart, Camph.
Angina pectoris Ammon.csrb, Apis, Arg.nit, Arnica, Ars, Aurum, Aur.mur, Cactus, Chin.ars, Lat.mac, Naja, Oxalic.acid, Phos, Rhus tox, Spig, Spongia.
Brain concussion Arnica, Cicuta, Hyperic.
Bleeding from eyes Bothrops, Crot.h, Lachesis, Nux.vom, Phos.
Bleeding from ear Bothrops, Crot.h, Phos.
Haemorrhage, blood do not coagulate Crot.h, Lach, Nit.ac, Phos.
Collapse Arnica, Camph, Carb.s, Carb.v, Amyl.nit.
Burns Ars, Canth, Carb.v, Caust, Kreos, Rhust.t, Seca, Urtic.u
Sun stroke Glonine, Bell, Therid.


Bugs Hyper
Cats Acetic.acid.
Dogs Lyss, Lach,
Snake Golondr, Hong.an, Cedron.
Rat Ledum.
Scorpion Ledum.
Mad animals Cist.can.
Bee sting Apis, Urtic.ure
Wasp Arnica, Cantharis


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