Air sickness Coccul, Petroleum.
Car sickness Coccul, Petrol, Tabacum.
Chicken pox Thuja, Variolinum.
Dengue fever Eupetorium.
Diphtheria Diptherinum, Lac.can, Carb.aci, Merc.cyn.
Germen Measles Rubella.
Herpis zoster Variolinum.
Hydrophobia Bell, Cantha, Hyos, Lyss, Lach.
Impetigo contagiosa Antim tart.
Influenza Ars, Influzenum, Nux.vom, Tuberc.
Jaundice China, Kali mur, Nux.vom.
Malaria Ars, Chin.ars, Chin.sulph, Malaria.off, Nat.mur.
Measles Morbilinum, Puls.
Meningitis Helleborus.
Mumps Parotidinum, Pilocarpus.
Mosquito bite: Ledum, Staphys.
Rabies: Hyoscy.
Poliomyelitis Lathyrus.
Scarlet fever Bell.
Sea Sickness Ant.crud, Apomor, Cocculus, Tabac, Petrole, Their.
Small Pox Vaccinum, Variolinum, Saracenia.pur.
Snake bite Golandriana.
Stage fright Anacard, Arg.nit, Gels, Ignati.
Typhoid Baptis.
Whooping cough Ant.tart, Carb.v, Cupr, Petrol, Droser, Puls, Hydr.ac.



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