4 comments on “Allergic Rhinitis – It’s Homoeopathic Approach & Hypothesis on New Invention of Dispensing LM Potencies

  1. I am a layman , father of a 7 yrs 10 mths old boy who has been suffering from a combo disease of rhinitis, eczema and asthma since his age of 1 yr and 3 mnths when in Delhi. Initially we consulted random allopathy doctors, because we didn’t think it was asthma since we had no experience of asthma and allergy in our family. Having failed, we approached a homeopath but after 2-3 months seeing no improvement we decided to have a serious look and consulted a Central Govt. Hospital’s Asthma CLinic dedicated to children with asthma and allergy.There, nebulisation with salbutamol was administered as SOS and furacort was started on regular basis after a few weeks of observation. Initially weekly visit was advised and gradually the interval increased. We had to visit the emergency a number of times but never advised admission as in-patient. Symptoms were nasal discharge, nasal block, cough(hoarse in sound and lasting at least for 10 days) sometimes with spasm and sometimes without, sometimes with fever and sometimes without, R/R crossed 30/minute and sometimes even up to 50. It was observed that on most of the occasions when there was fever nebulisation was not advised by the doctor even if R/R was high .During the treatment with furacort and asthalin/salbutamol sulphate the symptoms were varyied-sometimes seemingly improving in terms of either frequency or severity or duration of episode and somtimes seemingly remaining the same or worse- no clear prognosis emerged . After 7 months of furacort, rhinitis became worse and metaspray was prescribed. It frightened me of adverse side effects of steroid and we approached a homeopathy clinic ( only after being aware of its name). The doctor immediately stopped all steroid and asthalin and surprisingly first 2 and half month was very encouraging- with not a single episode requiring asthalin. We became hopeful. We visited the clinic 3 yrs and during this period the some symptoms improved but not totally; and unfortunately in November 2015 there was a major attack that compelled me to think anew and I found the severe air pollution in Delhi to be too dangerous and we shifted to Chandigarh because it was known to be cleaner. I didn’t mind the pollen count in Chandigarh air.Moreover, my quarter in Chandigarh receives very little sunshine during winter. Anyways, in Chandigarh too his condition does not seem to have improved. But I found that if his rhinitis can be prevented he would not have an attack, because every time the episode starts with sneezing for 1-2 days followed by nasal discharge ( initially clear watery and then yellowish mucus) for 1-2 days and then hoarse not-so-dry-not-so-wet type of cough gradually turning rattly and would not disappear before minimum 10 days. Since rhinitis is the main culprit I searched for the best remedies for rhinitis and ultimately decided on natrum mur and started giving Natrum Mur 30 without consulting anybody. It seems to work . On my search I got you and could not resist myself from writing to you. Would you please enlighten me? I would add that we are nonveg and that the description above is not exhaustive.

    • Dear Mr Abhijith
      Read your writings about your child’s condition. These alternating maladies are easily manageable often cured with Homoeopathic treatment. Please avoid self-treatment, it may spilled the cure chances. Please consult a qualified and experienced Homoeopath for a permanent solution.
      Prof. Sailendra Kumar

      • Thank you sir for your advice.But having undergone treatment for long 3 yrs under a renowned homeopath viz., Dr.Kushal Bannerjee of Dr.Kalyan Bannerjee’s clinic (where partial improvement was definitely experienced) and Dr. Vikash Sharma (for 2 months only, he successfully managed an eczema attack on my son) ,Chandigarh of http://www.drhomeo.com we lost our patience and also became confused.While Dr.Kushal advised never to use steroid, antibiotic and asthalin until situation is too dangerous, Dr. Vikash advised exactly opposite-“consult allopathy rather than waiting too long lest child get too much pain”.

        So, ultimately we have again approached allopathy , this time in PGIMER, Chandigarh in special clinic dedicated to children with asthma.Now my son is on budecort 100mcg in the morning and 200mcg in the evening. Metaspray was discontinued, under PGI Doctor’s advice, on 25th July 2017 after 3 months of use. After remaining calm for almost 1 month, rhinitis again struck and we resumed metasrpay for last three days.But still cough could not be prevented and he is coughing from last night .This is a patter in case of my son’s episodes. I think, if rhinitis can be prevented ,cough will not start.However, his chest has been found to be o.k. ( i.e., no structural change occurred ) according to clinical examination as well as X-ray. Peak flow rate is also normal according to age.

        You wrote in your article that both miasmic and constitutional approach is necessary/effective in this type of chronic illness.Do you , sir,know any Homeopath in chandigarh who, according to you, is dependable for my son’s treatment? Also I would like to know if allopathy and homeopathy can be run simultaneously?

        Thank you and regards.

      • Dear Mr Abhijith
        I regret to inform you that, I don’t know any Homoeopath in your area.
        There is no problem in the simultaneous management of Allopathic and Homoeopathic medication for the management of acute exuberance. However, it is not advisable for long-term management. If one Homoeopath failed in one case does not mean homoeopathy is failed. Find a knowledgeable and well experienced Homoeopath.
        Prof.Sailendra Kumar

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