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15 comments on “Home

  1. Hello Doctor,

    I have been diagnoised with auto immuno disorder. The ASO count in my blood is high & this has resulted in rheumatic pain. I also suffer from chronic migrane problem. I am taking pencillin shots every month. Kindly let me know if I can be cured in the homeopathy system of medication.

    • Dear Shilpa
      I am happy to inform you that Homoeopathy can help you to overcome your problems. A detailed case study is required for an effective Homoeopathic treatment. You can contact any qualified homoeopath in your area or you can get treatment from here. If you are interested to take treatment from here kindly inform me, I will send you a case taking format and followed with a short video chat for confirmation and completion of certain areas in the case format.
      Thank you
      Yours in service of Homoeopathy
      Dr.Sailendra Kumar

  2. hello, i am giving my baby calcarea phosph 6x from 8months age .now he is 1year old .can i continue giving him tablets and upto wich age?

    • If the child is under proper breast feeding and if he/she is healthy, then there is no need of any medicine. Instead , you can give CALC PHOS to the mother, it will help to improve the quality and quantiy of her breast milk.
      yours in service of Homeopathy.

  3. Dear sir..its very informative to both the homoeopathic world and our patients..congrats sir..hope u r going well

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